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Causemaker: Your Open Source Advocacy and Fundraising Tool

Causemaker is your hub for all online campaigning activities. Fundraising and advocacy with a privacy compliant implementation make Causemaker a fully customizable plug-and-play solution for your organization. Causemaker has it all: A sustainable platform with state-of-the-art supporter journeys. Cost-efficient fundraising. Flexible petitions. Intelligent mail-to-target solutions – all tied to an easy to use web-based CRM that easily integrates with your address management or bulk mailing service. Causemaker is made with love and from more than 10 years of campaigning experience by the folks at wegewerk in Berlin. Last but not least: Causemaker is Open Source and comes free of license fees.



Move your topics with Causemaker's mail action feature. Enable your supporters to share an issue with decision makers directly: A corresponding contact can be chosen by selectors you provide, for example the matching zip code to find a local Member of Parliament. The message can be edited, combined from various text blocks or consist of a fixed text. Your supporter will be the sender.



Let your supporters share their opinions with Causemaker's petitions feature. Your followers can subscribe and show their face to spin the issue. After uploading a picture or video they can make a statement and share it with the world - in a petition list or via Social Media.



Collect donations to reach your goals with Causemaker’s fundraising feature. If you already have a banking account at the "Bank für Sozialwirtschaft" supporters can easily donate money on varying topics. The most common forms of transfer are supported, e.g. credit card, direct debit or PayPal.





For Fundraisers

Use CauseMaker to integrate fundraising right into your advocacy on state-of-the-art supporter journeys



For Campaigners

CauseMaker helps you gather a crowd and manage its activities with its integrated web-based CRM.



For Organisers

Use CauseMaker to collect signatures or to adress protest to the right stakeholders and make your cause heard by the right people.